50 Cent has never pulled punches when it came to trolling Floyd Mayweather. This was recently on display when the rapper threw a jab at the champ for his fashion choices. 

Money Mayweather is known for donning expensive garments. Yet, just because it might cost more than some people's life savings doesn't mean that it's always the best option for an outfit. 50 decided to highlight this in his latest Instagram post.

"Champ on his bullshit again," 50 captioned Floyd in a Louis Vuitton coat. "dats that granny drip LOL." To drive the point home, 50 photoshopped an elderly woman's face on Floyd's body.

Floyd debuted the coat on his own account earlier this week. He seemed to be impressed by the way he accented the piece as he captioned the picture: "All I do is dress, flex and progress." But, trolls immediately jumped in his comments with their objection to the outfit. 

This is not the first time 50 has condemned Floyd for his clothes. After Gucci's blackface scandal, Floyd took it upon himself to proudly proclaim that he wouldn't stand in solidarity with other black entertainers by boycotting the brand. This led the rapper to send out a flurry of Instagram posts trolling Floyd for his decision. This included a post where 50 resurfaced the rumors that Floyd is illiterate. 

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