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Schoolboy Q is looking to make a leap into Hollywood once this rap thing dies down.

Q made it very clear that he's willing to take on a part in the 6ix9ine biopic as long as he gets to play a starring role.

"THe 6 9 movie gone be crazy... I Hope I get a role in it. I just wanna play one of tHe snitcHes," ScHoolboy joked. He then tweeted that he's actually capable of embodying 6ix9ine if BET buys the rights to the flick.

The crash and burn of 6ix9ine's career hit its predicted low when the rapper took the stand to testify against the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods and his co-defendants. The rapper's cooperation with federal authorities has him potentially looking at a 2020 release date from prison. It's unclear if 6ix9ine will be able to continue his career, but the year that he was hot is a story within itself. As a result, rumors started to surface claiming that the rapper's "father," 50 Cent, has acquired rights to produce his biopic. When confronted with the reports, 50 replied with a cryptic message.

50 Cent responds to fan
Image via Instagram/50 Cent


While the jury is still out on 50's involvement with the film, Fif can rest assured that at least one rapper is interested in being a part of the project.