The LuckyMe imprint sure knows how to pick 'em. Over the last decade, we've seen them nurture acts like Baauer, Hudson Mohawke, and Lunice (among countless others) in exploring the pockets of sound in between some of the biggest genres of music across the globe. One artist that's consistently brought it is S-Type, the Edinburgh-born beatsmith who's crafting quite the resume. His latest release, S-Type Beat, references the "type beat" scene that's flooded producer circles, and stands as a true testament to both his skill as a producer and the budding future he will no doubt have crafting soundscapes for some of your favorites. Just check out "Waiting," which received a surreal video imagining from Adi Halfin ahead of the full EP's release.

With S-Type Beat dropping this week, we decided to not only secure an exclusive mix from S-Type—featuring a heavy dose of his productions and demos, as well as material from YBN Cordae, Jubilee, Tierra Whack, Lizzo, and others—but got a chance to pick his brain about everything from the title of his EP to rap's influence on him as a producer to the big question: where that LP at?! Dive into all of that below.

We’ve all seen the “type beat” craze blow up, from a tag people put as a descriptor on instrumental snippets to having a meme life of its own. There’s an obvious reason why you would use this for your output at some point, but what would you describe an “S-Type Beat” as?
I've been making beats forever. It really seems like producers are in the limelight more and more these days. I wanted to put my stamp on this world by calling my record S-Type Beat. An S-Type Beat is triumphant, emotional and energetic.

Talk about how hip-hop has inspired you as a person and as an artist/producer.
Rap music is always the driving force behind everything I make, even when I work on scores. I got into making beats through flipping samples—even though I rarely use them, I still approach everything I do with that mentality.

Who would be some emcees you’d like to collaborate with at some point? Who could really rock an “S-Type Beat”?
Kendrick, Cam'ron, Tierra Whack, YBN Cordae, Octavian, Saint Bodhi.

Do you send beat packs out to artists on the regular?
I go through phases of sending out beat packs to artists and labels, but it's nothing the same as being in the studio with the artist. I feel like you've got to make that personal connection with the artist and catch a vibe to really create something special.

Currently, you’ve only dropped singles and EPs. Do you have any plans for an album project in the future?
Hell fucking yes. It's coming.