Premiere: Zac Jone$ Delivers A Suave Tipsheet In "Nostaljah (Open Di Garage)"

In his new single, the artist blends the riddims of Jamaica with the lax vibes of L.A.

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It's peak relaxation via Zac Jone$' latest single "Nostaljah (Open Di Garage)".

Produced by iotosh, who was featured in our 10 Jamaican artists to watch in 2019 list, the song has just received an LA-shot visual from Zac Jone$' in-house $TONY Official director, Jesse Suchomel. With Jone$' syrupy smooth cadence atop the production, it blends the sounds of the West Coast with the sounds of the artist's home of Jamaica—especially with that sample reminiscent of Kartel's vocals. For Jone$, the record is as much a reminder of how to spit game as it is a visual and sonic fusing of the two worlds he's a part of.

Speaking with Complex over email, Zac Jone$ said: "It's not just about the chain, and the clothes and the bottles—it's your energy, it's your tone, it's your demeanor, and I think that's something we're all missing from music nowadays. The video itself is a reflection of that, but we wanted to get really creative with it. I think the shot where I'm skateboarding in the Clarks, is kinda symbolic of the music that we're doing now: we're fusing cultures and making it our own."

"Nostaljah (Open Di Garage)" is taken from Zac Jone$' upcoming project, $TONY MONTANA, which is set to be released soon.


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