Raised on a steady diet of R&B classics by her parents, 23-year-old British-Somali singer-songwriter Amun is pouring every bit of it into her music. After writing and honing her music for two years, she released her debut EP, Separate, last year and she's maintained the momentum ever since with a remix of project highlight "So Cold" with Skrapz and now with new single "Cycle" featuring Toronto-born Halal Gang member SAFE.

"Cycle" combines their talents into a rolling, melodic fusion of trap and R&B, smudging the boundaries into something melodic yet energetic and perfectly suited for the club. Better still, there's also a surreal set of visuals from director Stella Scott that follow Amun and SAFE in a fancy whip, cruising through increasingly odd settings while they lay out their infectious bars.

"Cycle" is taken from Amun's second EP, Settling Scores, which is due for release in October.