Another Nipsey Hussle collaborator has come calling for a cut. TMZ reports that Bradley Davis filed a claim on Tuesday over the song "Rap N***as" off the 2018 album Victory Lap, saying he worked on Nip's song and never received a cut.

Davis says he wrote the song along with two others back in 2013 and has yet to receive a payment. Davis claims to have a copyright on the work he did on the song, which he received in 2017 ahead of the release of Victory Lap. He said he was never asked to give permission to release the song and that he's awaiting royalties. 

In the lawsuit, Davis doesn't name an amount he's seeking in damages. It might be that he wants the estate to perform an accounting on how much money the song has generated and provide him with an appropriate share. That was the case in yet another copyright claim filed last week, by singer Tasleema Yaslin, over another Victory Lap track. 

Yaslin said she sang a prominent vocal phrase that runs throughout the song "Hussle & Motivate." She, like Davis, claimed Hussle never sought her permission to release the track and that she has yet to be paid for her part of the song.

As TMZ points out, the sudden outbreak of claims against Nipsey's estate is not inexplicable. Creditors' claims must be filed against an estate within a four-month window after an executor is named. Hussle's brother, Sam Asghedom, was named as the executor of his estate on Aug. 29.