When Diddy's REVOLT Summit descended on Atlanta this weekend, T.I. and conservative commentator, Candace Owens, engaged in a debate over the ethics of Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan. The headline grabbing back-and-forth overshadowed Killer Mike's dismantling of the entire argument. Killer Mike took this opportunity to urge the crowd to construct a plan that is rooted in economic sovereignty.

"What y'all are seeing right now are free people arguing over who got the best master," Mike told the audience in reference to Owens and Tip's disagreement. The Run the Jewels member went on to explain that black people can "Make America Great Again" if they revert to the mindset they had during the reconstruction period that followed the Civil War. Although this got praise from Owens, Mike quickly reminded her that her stance on immigration is detrimental to America. 

"You have to remember that people that look like you immigrate too," Mike said. "So before you widely say 'Fuck 'em all,' remember: America is always going to have a slave class. And, if illegal or legal immigrants won't be the lowest-paid workers, then those in prisons will be and that always ends up looking like one of their sons so it circles back around."

Killer Mike then went on to point how the rift between black people—including Tip and Owens—is petty and unnecessary. 

"What you cannot do is continue to argue over who is the best master," he continued. "So my thing as black people is: How are we going to get in the room together, stop fighting over who master is, decide on our agenda and how to leverage it? I don't care who agrees with [Colin Kaepernick] or JAY-Z... So pick a better master, I say kill your masters and get your own shit."

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