50 Cent and Murder Inc. will find anything to argue about. Yet, their latest point of contention goes deeper than rap. 

In a now-deleted Instagram picture, Ja Rule re-posted a picture from a page claiming to represent the Black Mafia Family. In the post, the account paired a picture of 50 Cent next to rapper-turned-informant, 6ix9ine, with a captioned that banned 50 Cent from Detroit.


Public Announcement‼️ Dear Fake Ass Rapper🤡 @50cent @starz @markcanton Please get off our dick and stop doing interviews speaking on shit you know nothing about boy. You dont have your facts straight about #bmf clown ass nigga #youwasntthere You are just a groupie cuz trying to figure out shit about Real G’s and what happened 30 yrs ago when you was a little broke boy who couldn’t even pee straight. Never try to depict or describe what we built and put together YOU FAKE ASS BITCH‼️So you understand #westillhere Not one major artist in the ATL came out to support your fraudulent #bmf casting call. Its a reason why you ain’t come back to the D. Fact is you been gas lighting the public for the last 5yrs with that same ole bullshit lies. How many times we gotta tell you this aint some fairytale shit made up by a bunch of white writers in Hollywood like #power Matter of Fact You Banned DONT COME TO DETROIT🚫You trying to use #bmf for street credibility cuz you have none❌You running around with wanna be’s & paid police. They cant help you so we suggest you keep it moving with the weak ass #bmfcasting calls you been doing everywhere but Detroit. Anyone from the streets reading this know what time it is💯Real Deal this ain’t no rap shit this real shit. Hardcopy dropping soon to clear the air once and for all. We own the trademark™️ #bmf #blackmafiafamily so be our guest since you like to be stupid. #starz #randellemmett #gunittvandfilm have already been put on C&D notice so go ahead and make our day ™️ We suggest you pay off your bankruptcy debt & stay out #bmf business or you will be embarrassed in front of the world. Thats a PROMISE since you think you know so much try us🏴Collectors Item Hardcopy Book Coming October 2019🔜 BLUEPRINT TO CONSPIRACY The Untold Story of the Black Mafia Family™️ eBook📘 Available now on Amazon / Kindle / Iphone / Android #realshit #youbethejury #theblackmafiafamily #amazon #insidestory #realpeople #noactors #realmob #bmf www.therealbmf.com

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"You Banned DONT COME TO DETROIT," the lengthy caption reads. "You running around with wanna be’s & paid police. They cant help you so we suggest you keep it moving." According to HotNewHipHop.com, Ja Rule used this as fuel to throw shots at his longstanding rival.

Ja Rule
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This week, Irv Gotti told the Outlawz Radio show that he's working on a movie centered around Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and the Supreme Team. He even said that Jamie Foxx had agreed to play McGriff.

Supreme has a close connection with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. Records. He's also been fingered in connection to 50 Cent's attempted murder. The sight of his two enemies rekindling their connection lit a fire under 50. This led to the rapper taking to Instagram where he shut down rumors that Foxx would be involved with the project, claiming that he spoke to the actor personally.

"This shit isn’t even set up at a studio, stop using Jamie name.I talk to him already you can fucking forget about it Buck O," the rapper wrote. "Y’all not even from South Side, get the fuck outta here. I’m doing that story with Bimmy at STARZ. LOL get ya weight up."


I need it from the top!!! 🤣 12.Twelve.XII #Iconn #Iconnicsound #digitalunderground #NewyorkStars #wflafootball

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Although Ja Rule deleted the repost, he added a clip of him in the studio recording what appears to be a track dedicated to the Supreme Team.