Having learned the ins and outs of Pro Tools at just 11 years of age, it's no surprise that Xanman is flourishing.

Thursday, he dropped off a new video for his "Gucci Down" track featuring Rico Nasty and YungManny, who's among the artists to have given Xanman a public shout-out in recent months. "This song and video will make every guy want to buy his girl Gucci," Xanman said of his latest release.

Catch the new video up top. 

Speaking on his goals in a Pigeons & Planes interview in May, Xanman said he's aiming to "go to the top" with his music.

"I wanna make history with my stuff," he said. "I wanna be with the JAY-Zs, with the Lil Waynes. Someone that goes down in history, that's still relevant no matter what they do. Someone that can make big business moves. It’s deeper than rap. If I ain’t have one fan I’d still be rapping like I had a million fans."

Thus far, Xanman has found the greatest rewards in the assortment of artists and personalities he's been able to work with in some capacity.

"People that I've worked with has been rewarding to me," he said. "I got songs with Rico Nasty, Lil Yachty, and working with people like that has helped me out. Even No Jumper, he still holds me down the long way with everything."