Retch has been keeping himself busy in 2019. He's already dropped two tapes: Richer Than the Opps in January and GuWiiMoney with the up-and-coming Gu Mitch earlier this month. Today, he drops off the video to "Dead Friends," a favorite of mine off RTTO. The video is directed by Diggers and the song is produced by KellBender.

On the track, Retch touches on how he's been trying to cope with the deaths of rap friends like ASAP Yams, Fredo Santana, and Mac Miller, along with the friends he grew up with or knew over the years. When I hit him for a quote about the new video, Retch felt compelled to talk about Gu Mitch and their new tape instead, because why not give your friends their flowers while they're still with you?

"Mitch has always been my favorite artist from around my way. We used to link up on the 8 he be on his side trappin. I’m just comin' from Auburn sellin smack and crillz all day since 5am, and we would just post up sip drank, smoke loud, regular shit. It wasn’t til later we start hittin the stu together and we used to always make heat. The contrast in styles always just made it crack. With GuwiiMoney I just wanted my audience to see what I always seen in Mitch. Greatness."

With that said, after you watch the "Dead Friends" video, hit play on my favorite track off the GuWiiMoney tape that dropped a couple weeks ago.