Today brings about the return of London singer-songwriter Ray BLK as she links up with Toddla T for new single "In My Bed". Backed by slamming percussion, Ray's silk vocals slide in and out of rumbling drums, backed by a soaring hook. Still only in her 20s, it would seem Ray BLK takes on the mantle of voicing out for the voiceless—her most recent project, Empress, touched on both personal and social ails with nothing but warmth and soul. 

"'In Me Bed" is like phase one of a breakup where you're just angry that you were sold a dream," says Ray BLK. "I feel like us girls sometimes get into relationships we know are destined to end badly or with people we know we shouldn't, because we want to believe they'll change for you or be different."

Listen to the track below.

UPDATE (Sept. 9): The official video has just landed.