Tonight at midnight, Kid D will release his new EP, Calculated, featuring six originals, including this gem, "Stratosphere". 

The veteran producer has been in high demand for years now, regularly tapped up for riddims by greats like Wiley, Skepta, Devlin, Ghetts (who also features on the EP) and the like, but it's always good to hear him taking the spotlight. Besides being the producer of choice for a bunch of your favourite MCs, Kid D also has a reputation as being one of the most vocal champions of R&G.

Thankfully, that love for the more emotive side of grime rears its head once more for "Stratosphere", which marries the crunchy rawness of traditional grime productions with the warmth and smoothness of R&G. Sprinkling in pained vocal snippets and some atmospheric synth washes, Kid D's "Stratosphere" is a welcome example of the depth and complexity that both grime and R&G are capable of.