Having been brought into the extended family of GAIKA's The Spectacular Empire, R&B singer-songwriter GLORIA is now preparing for the release of her new EP Testify. The new five-track release sees GLORIA continue to perfect her unique fusion of R&B and pop with adventurous electronics. Ahead of the release, she's just let slip the EP's first single, "Second Chances", an emotionally wrought tale of realising that the person you love is drifting away and the relationship is reaching its conclusion. It can be hard to accept an ending like that, but armed with GLORIA's AART-produced anthem it'll be that bit easier to make it through the other side.

Speaking with Complex via email, GLORIA explained: "Growing up my parents listened to soul, pop and gospel music. That's what I am made from. I love to play with rich vocal textures to create the emotion I feel. I was fascinated with mythology and the effect of biblical connotations, so rich and deceiving. The imposing nature of idols and the peer pressure we can face to conform. Most of the time I feel trapped in my body, between what's wrong and right. This EP is an open letter to myself and others, an introduction to me."

Pre-order Testify here before it drops September 25 via GAIKA's The Spectacular Empire.