TMZ briefly caught up with DJ Khaled in New York City on Sunday to touch upon his feelings towards his manager JAY-Z in wake of Roc Nation’s partnership with the NFL. Khaled prefaced his interaction with the cameraman by asking that since he was with his family at the time, the two spoke with "love, positivity, great energy." A smart strategic move from Khaled, who knew what line of questioning was headed in his direction. 

Even though Khaled was quick to initially reject a question pertaining to the NFL, he used an inquiry into whether JAY-Z has openly discussed buying the Miami Dolphins to express his support for JAY. "Nah, I haven't talked to him about that, but shout out to JAY-Z and everything he's doing," Khaled said. "He's always showing love, and always uplifting the people, and always moving the culture forward. So, shout out to Jigga. Shout out to—you know what I'm saying—everything that he's doing."

Ever since the NFL's partnership with Roc Nation was officially announced earlier this week, JAY-Z has been getting dragged through the coals. His response to a question about Colin Kaepernick potentially getting involved in this deal may have only made the backlash worse. "I'm not his boss," JAY said during a press conference with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "I can't just bring him into something. That's for him to say."

Kaepernick's girlfriend Nessa Diab criticized JAY-Z and Roc Nation on their partnership, which looks to improve the league's live music entertainment strategies and its social justice initiatives. Kaepernick's outspoken former teammate Eric Reid has been just as vocal about his thoughts towards JAY, who may be potentially parlaying his deal into becoming part-owner of an NFL team.

Like Khaled, Cardi B remains supportive of JAY-Z and his decision to partner with the NFL, adding that she believes "he can make a change."