"Boy Bye" is the latest entry in the ongoing marathon of inspiringly good Brockhampton singles.

Overnight, the group shared the new song alongside a Spencer Ford-directed video. Catch the video, which expectedly features some more truly striking visuals, up top.

Wednesday night also saw the welcomed announcement of new album info, with GINGER—their fifth full-length—set for release Aug. 23. Catch the cover art and tracklist below. Previous GINGER cuts to have received highly replayable visual experiences include "I Been Born Again" and "If You Pray Right."

Back in June, Kevin Abstract gave an interview to GQ that's well worth a revisit ahead of the GINGER drop, notably discussing his relationship with the "deep-rooted shit" of trauma and the therapy that’s ensued from becoming friends with an idol and hero of his, Shia LaBeouf.

"He's 10 years older than me, so the advice he has is fucking crazy," Abstract, who has Friday therapy get-togethers at his house led by LaBeouf, said. "He was born in L.A, grew up on TV. He fucked up a lot—the most. It's really healthy to have someone like that in my life."

Those invited include "a bunch of artists" from the Los Angeles area, all of whom gather in Abstract's kitchen and talk about their week. What Abstract has learned, he said, is that many people's issues are rooted in the same unique loneliness of the city "because everybody goes to that place chasing a dream."