Aaron Carter is denying accusations that he's trying to flip rescue dogs for profit. Though, despite that denial, TMZ says that the shelter that just sold him a pup is now checking into it.

The hoopla began this past weekend after Carter posted a video to Instagram Live where he said a bulldog he just bought could be purchased for $3,500. "This is my new buddy. So by the way, if I can't keep him, I am going to be listing him," Carter says in the clip. He also adds "He's 10 months old, and he's running for $3,500. So if anybody wants to give my English bulldog (a home), I rescue him and I find him homes." Carter ended his message by reiterating that point, saying "So if anybody wants to have my English bulldog, he's being sold for $3,500." TMZ says that he also referenced another dog in the video that he claims he "couldn't keep."

After apparently noticing the coverage the comments were getting, Carter later took to Twitter to tell his followers that people and media *cough* are continuing to use him as the central figure in clickbait-y stories with a negative tone:

In addition to the tweet above, Carter tried to explain his side of the story in a little more depth. He sent out a tweet where he said "I think it’s apalling [sic] that I actually even have to explain myself I’ve rescued many dogs & found many dogs homes. what I said in my Instagram live video was a joke. Find one dog that I adopted and sold for money, be my guest. WONT HAPPEN. I’m a good person and i deserve respect." He also said he doesn't need the extra money because, as he puts it, he makes over $3 million a year: