Future and Bow Wow have a strange relationship, to say the least. And leave it to hip-hop's playground bully, 50 Cent, to use that connection to touch a nerve. 

Normally 50 Cent uses his Instagram to troll friends and enemies. But, today, Fif decided to take a break from his regularly scheduled program to drop a thirst trap of himself taking a bubble bath. This prompted his friends to swarm the comments to give 50 Cent a taste of his own medicine.

The first to comment was Trey Songz.

"Damn 5," Trigga commented. "gon make a n***a block you mane." 

Bow Wow took followed the singers lead by using laughing emojis to add fuel to the fire.

50 then screenshot Bow Wow's comment and posted it to his account with the caption: "Hey @treysongz don’t bring this n***a to the party’s man. This lil n***a crazy, playing wit the money."

50's shot sparked Bow Weezy to come back with more heat of his own, writing: "Bro out here thirst trapping to get girls to show up at the party. Ima be in London anyway. Yall gone be on a boat with all my old work. Good luck." But, what Bow Wow didn't know is this response was the perfect set up for 50 to use Future to gas him. 

"You ain’t got no bitches lil n***a @future took all of them," 50 said.

As Bow Wow likes to reiterate, he dated Ciara before she and Future had a baby/were engaged. But, this isn't the only woman Future and Bow Wow have in common. Model, Joie Chavis, has children by both Bow Wow and Future. The news that Chavis and Future were having a child came less than a year after Bow Wow and Chavis officially called it quits. This ignited rumors that there was an overlap with the end of Chavis' relationship with Bow Wow and her fling with Future.

The resurfacing of this made Bow Wow concede to 50. But, Fif wasn't done going after Bow Wow.

"You on probation, till we figure out what happened last time man.LOL," 50 wrote.