50 Cent and Ja Rule's ongoing feud reached a new height of pettiness last year when Fif decided to buy 200 tickets to Ja's show, ensuring empty seats. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the rapper and Power producer gave a more detailed response on why he decided to buy so many tickets.

"I just happened to see them on [the internet], it was like, 'They was so cheap I might as well just buy them,'" he said at the 3:20 point of the clip above. Asked if he ever heard from Ja Rule directly after the incident, Fif replied, "Nah they don't call me after that." During the clip he also said that him and The Game were "cool" these days despite their complicated history.

The most recent flair-up of 50 and Ja's beef happened just last month, with the latter sharing a video that called the former a "square head-ass n***a." The bizarre text-to-speech assisted video, which was produced by user @marcus.901, compared 50 Cent's head to the Dodge Ram logo, a beer keg, and a slice of lasagna. 

Of course, his beef with Ja Rule wasn't the only feud that 50 Cent addressed during his time on Watch What Happens. When asked by a viewer about the shots he took at Bow Wow, Fif broke down the situation, explaining that Bow Wow took money that was intended to be used a strip club back home with him instead. "You bum you can't go nowhere with us," he said. 

50 Cent, who claims almost everyone he knows owes him money, also spoke about the situation with Randall Emmett