Fif’s issue with Common was very brief and didn’t actually trigger a response from the Chicago veteran. Surprisingly, Common didn’t owe 50 money or come at him on social media. Instead, 50 took issue with Common’s 2019 memoir, Let Love Have the Last Word. In the book, Common discussed his difficult breakup with girlfriend Erykah Badu in 2002. After the story was picked up by a number of different outlets, Fif called Common the “male Vivica A. Fox,” which was a reference to his ex-girlfriend who notoriously shared secrets about their relationship years after their split. 

Common was merely speaking his truth, but 50 doubled down on his comments on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. “He said something about Erykah Badu, about not being able to eat when he broke up with her,” Fifty said. “I was like, 'Oh, man, that was a while ago!' That was like a shot, you know? That's like a 'Can we try this again?' type of thing. If you can throw that out there in public? That's like you've been going… I just felt like he was reaching back after that. I just don't know why you would say it if you got over it.” Luckily, this feud didn’t go anywhere. Fif noted that he hadn’t heard from Common since his initial remarks.