That recent Lil Nas X and Gordon Ramsay panini-centered meeting, previously only photographically teased, is now the subject of a new video.

Indeed, the holiday weekend malaise was boosted Sunday by a five-minute video documenting the collaborative panini construction, inspired by Lil Nas X's Nirvana-interpolating 7 track of the same name. When sharing a link to the festivities Sunday, X joked that Ramsay hadn't yelled at him enough during their filmed panini-crafting:

Said panini-crafting went down at Ramsay's Lucky Cat Restaurant in London earlier this month following X's tweeted request to Ramsay to educate him on the process, a request to which Ramsay immediately responded with a challenge to X to simply "name the day."

Meanwhile, X's breakout hit "Old Town Road" remains at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, joined on the charts by fellow 7 cuts like the Cardi B-featuring "Rodeo" and the aforementioned "Panini." As X has explained in multiple interviews since breaking through, writing "Old Town Road" saw him refining his approach with a clear goal of "virality" at the forefront.

"It was the first song I genuinely formulated," he told Rolling Stone, for example. "I was like, 'I gotta make it short, I gotta make it catchy, I gotta have quotable lines that people want to use as captions.' Especially with the 'horses in the back' line, I was like, 'This is something people are gonna say every day.''

He's not wrong. Up top, watch some Gordon Ramsay panini cinema. Speaking of top-tier link-ups, X also recently had the pleasure of meeting none other than Janet Jackson:

And his "Old Town Road," as evidenced below, received a BBC Radio 1-set "British remix."