ASAP Rocky's trial in Sweden for his involvement with an assault of two men who began following him and his team began Tuesday in Stockholm District Court. The rapper pleaded not guilty, although the verdict won't officially arrive until Thursday at the latest. Newly surfaced footage was shown in court on Tuesday, featuring the moment in which Rocky's bodyguard put his hands to the man's throat after he supposedly continued to harass them.

As revealed by Swedish publication Expressen, the short clip shows Mustafa Jafari, the man who has accused Rocky and his team of aggravated assault, being warned to step back and leave Rocky and his crew alone. When he refuses to back off, his bodyguard puts his hand to Jafari's throat. This is supposedly the moment when Rocky's bodyguard decided to get physical with the two men, who supposedly would not stop following Rocky.

Moments after Rocky's bodyguard choked Jafari, the 19-year-old reportedly swung a punch at him and started to hit him with his headphones. The video was recorded by a restaurant's surveillance camera, but another video shown in court showed the incident from a different perspective. The clip, which has now been removed from Expressen's article for unknown reasons, was taken from the extended version of the clip Rocky posted on Instagram showing the moment it all kicked off.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been criticized for sending U.S. diplomat Robert C. O'Brien to Rocky's court case. Dan Baer, former U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, called O'Brien's presence a "shameful abuse of a serious office." He added, "Imagine how seriously O'Brien will be taken by other actors now that he has made a mockery of himself by allowing his office to be instrumentalized thus."

Mustafa Jafari spoke during Tuesday's proceedings, stating that he "felt like they were going to beat me to death." Rocky previously called the men "a few drug addicts [who] are not my fans."