Thanks to a recent round of "going [too] crazy," Denzel Curry performed in a wheelchair for the Wireless Festival crowd over the weekend.

This incident of "going [too] crazy," Curry explained to fans early Sunday, went down in Dublin the night before his slated Wireless set. Not to worry, Curry said, being temporarily one leg down "ain't gon' stop shit." He also did some promo over the weekend, during which he utilized the wheelchair.

As seen in Wireless footage, Curry took a few wheelchair breaks during the performance, opting for occasional bits in which he gave the crowd his all while hopping on one leg. Per a previous DublinLive report, Curry injured his leg the night before while stage-jumping during a performance in Marlay Park with Chance the Rapper.

Late Sunday, Curry shared some related Wireless clips, which you should only watch below if you're prepared to be riddled with inspiration on this otherwise uninspired Monday:

And for good measure, here's fan-shot footage of the same thing:

Curry's Zuu, the prompt follow-up to his well-received 2018 album Ta13oo, arrived in late May and boasts features from Rick Ross and Tay Keith. Speaking with HotNewHipHop, Curry detailed his belief that the process of physically laying down lyrics is more of a "middleman" than anything else. With Zuu, for example, Curry says he "freestyled the whole thing, went from mind to mic."