Back in May, Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, and the Underachievers came together for their debut project as Beast Coast. The NYC collective took a Wu-Tang Clan-like approach with Escape From New York, which sees every member flexing their talents as part of an impressive rotating cast. Now they're back to give one of the album's many highlights a push with the video for "Distance."

Featuring verses from Joey Badass, Issa Gold, and Erick Arc Elliott, "Distance" is a great example of what these rappers can achieve when they're put on the same track. The video showcases their chemistry in spades, too, complete with a stark black-and-white look reflecting the throwback beat. The video also ends with a brief clip for "Bones," which takes a more direct, and more aggressive approach.

When Complex spoke with the group back in May, all of the members expressed how excited they were to finally put out a project as a group. Beast Coast has been a thing since the early days of Joey Badass' breakthrough, but it took them some time before they sat down to record a full collaborative record. 

"I want to be next to these n***as to learn shit for life, not even for music," Kirk Knight explained. "I can ask Meech about other shit; I could go chill by his crib and eat jerk chicken. When I go to Cali and I’m smoking my weed, I’m really with the Underachievers. I’m really with my n***a Issa. That’s really my twin. That's probably why the music didn't come for so long," he added. "At the end of the day, this is way more than us just making songs together." 

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