Plastic puffy coats and gas station glasses do not impress the Game, who publicly chided someone for such attire choices in a succinct but impactful comment on Instagram recently. 

All related documents concerning the exchange were captured by the Shade Room team, showing a brief exchange of words that began with the Game's Sunday throwback post of a young Game who—by his own assessment, at least—"used to have girls from two schools away fighting each other over him." The current Game has modified this boast to encompass two countries.

From there, a presumed follower of the Game's took it upon themselves to slide in with a quick "Delete" request via the comments section. The Game decided to respond with his take on the commenter's chosen aesthetic of "plastic puffy coat [and] gas station glasses with the car wash towel in the background."

The Game's prolific Instagram use took a turn last month when he explained to fans why he had decided to pause his series of tributes to the late Nipsey Hussle, who was killed outside his Marathon Clothing shop in Los Angeles in March. "I am now at the crossroads of what to do or how to continue these motivational posts," Game, who had previously been sharing daily tribute posts, said in an Instagrammed note to fans.