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Savvy rap fans may have caught on to NYC-by-way-of-Viriginia spitter Sha Summers due to his hysterical, animal-switched 2018 remix of Doja Cat's "MOOO!" titled "Ima Bird." 

For Summers' new video "The Static," he went a different route. The track features a ski masked-up Sha running around the streets of Brooklyn getting ready to, as he says, "Throw hands like I'm krumping." 

"The song itself revolves around just another day in Suffolk Virginia," Summers told Complex. "The city used to be so boring we literally had nothing to do but play sports or wreak havoc in my homies town car."

"The Static" is an example of Summers' diverse rap style, which he describes as "Conscience Ignorance," meaning no matter how conscious or mainstream a record may seem he can adapt well and also bring a lyrical wittiness to the table.

The video for "The Static," which you can see above, was shot and directed by Sha Summers, Matt Madonna, and Andy Fortune.