Earlier this month, 50 Cent finally had one of the many people supposedly in debt to him pull through and pay him back. Biz Markie gifted the G-Unit rapper with some food stamps, and he even commemorated the moment with a picture of the two of them together. It's clear it was all in fun, but the paparazzi tracked him down anyway to see what that debt was actually about.

"First of all, let me tell you something," Markie responded when approached by TMZ. "I knew 50 from...early '90s, '80s. And you know, we went to the Chinese restaurant one time and he bought the food, and I owed him." 50 Cent allegedly confronted Biz about the outstanding loan when the two played the Art of Rap Festival in Minneapolis earlier this year, but never mentioned it was over something as small as a meal together.

"Since there's interest, and he got mad at me, and you know I ain't wanna really go to court," he continued. "So I had to pay him back." From there he starts laughing a bit, and eventually even gets more food stamps out of his wallet. "I had to pay him back in food stamps, you know what I'm saying?" he added. When asked why he was still carrying them around, Biz remarked, "They're good luck."

Markie was asked about the other outstanding debts 50 Cent has been looking to collect on, to which he replied, "If you borrow, you gotta pay back."