VestiVille, a Belgian music festival, boasted an impressive lineup featuring some of the most exciting acts in the world. That was until it was unceremoniously canceled the very same day it was set to start. With the disaster that was Fyre Festival still fresh in people's memory thanks to both Netflix and Hulu's documentaries, VestiVille has already drawn comparisons to the 2017 disaster.

With a lineup that listed ASAP Rocky, Migos, Cardi B, and Future, among many others, VestiVille was originally scheduled to start Friday. Rocky revealed on Twitter, just before chaos ensued, that he would not be performing anymore. "I won't be performing today due to security and infrastructure concerns which relate to the production of the show," he wrote in a tweet.

From there, videos of attendees panicking at the barren state of the festival grounds began to surface online. 

Shortly after, many of those who attended were told that the festival was canceled. "Today at 5:00 PM the mayor of Lommel decided to not let VestiVille start," the official account for the festival revealed on Twitter. "After consultation with the security services and ASAP Rocky's security officer, it was decided that the safety of the artist and the public could not be guaranteed." This all started to sound a little too familiar.

While the videos from VestiVille do not match the foreboding sense of dread that lingered in the Fyre Festival footage, it's still a sight to behold. Some even noticed that Ja Rule, who was heavily involved with Fyre Fest, was set to play Vesti. Others have accused the organizers of fraud.

As the Brussels Times reports, three of the organizers behind VestiVille have been charged with fraud after providing false invoices, forging documents, and laundering money. Suppliers were reportedly unpaid up until the moment it was set to kick off, which obviously raised warning bells.

Check out what people were saying about Vestiville below.