UK rap is in a pretty amazing place right now. With a thriving underground and an ever-increasing appetite from audiences, the homegrown scene is finding supporters in big places. JAE5 has found himself regularly climbing the charts with J Hus and NSG—the same with NYGE and AJ Tracey—but they’re not the only ones taking their underground rap beats into the charts. Giggs, J Hus, Krept & Konan have all found international audiences in recent years, which is in no small part due to the growing number of scene-pushing producers we’ve been blessed with today.

It’s not just the success of this new wave of producers that’s worth celebrating—it’s the quality, too. These talents are creating unquestionably British beats and taking them global without toning down its identity. Cross-pollination with drill, jazz and Afrobeats, as well as the knowledge that you can get some pretty out there productions in the charts these days, has made the scene the perfect playground for some incredible sonic creators. Creativity and inventiveness is at an all-time high right now and the effects are rippling not just through UK music, but the world.

Here are 15 UK rap producers who are taking over.