Anybody that’s a fan of hip-hop has pictured themselves on the mic at least once. Rude Kid was the same, but things went in a different direction. ​​​​​​

“Making music and playing it was something I wanted to do,” says the UK producer. “Now when I perform in front of thousands of people, and drop a tune that makes everybody go mad, it’s like ‘yeah I created that.’” 

Rude Kid has been in the game for a minute, making music that combines electronic, UK garage, and grime to create crowd raisers. Tracks like “Get Busy” with Skepta epitomize his ability to make brain-melting concoctions of bass—and it’s a style that’s helped shaped a lot the sounds we hear in UK hip-hop and grime today. His love for these styles also lead him to be the head of the KISS Grime radio show in the UK, showing that he’s not only a man with talent, but a man of the culture.

In the latest episode of Best Of British, we got Rude Kid in the studio to talk about his first experience with UK Garage, and his journey from pirate radio to packing venues on a global scale. Check it out above.