Atlanta’s own Bali Baby has been on her grind. She’s one of those artists who you might not realize is as big as she is (she’s racking up millions of plays on singles like “Banana Clip”), but she’s kind of an icon on the low. One of the few openly gay rappers on the scene, she has a host of EPs and mixtapes to her credit. Screaming “pussy is power,” she goes in on hypnotic, turnt tunes, but also spends time getting her rock and pop on with intriguing singles like “Backseat.” While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the song (taken from her 2018 release Baylor Swift) shows Bali’s range and highlights that she’s not only on some lowkey iconic shit just by being who she is, but that she’s getting closer to touching both the pop and hip-hop charts, one banger at a time. —khal