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What’s going on? Is what we’re hearing the sound of you laughing at Baby Bash being on this list? If so, we’ll wait until you’re done. You good? Alright, bet. Compared to the other babies on here, Cali’s Baby Bash is easily one of the most commercially successful. The Mexican-American rapper’s biggest single, 2003’s Frankie J-assisted “Suga Suga,” might sound corny AF now (and was, truthfully, corny AF back then), but it hit No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 2 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart, and even went No. 1 in New Zealand. Your favorite baby could never. From 2001 to 2015, Bash dropped nine solo albums (although we can’t imagine you could name nine Baby Bash songs), and he’s dropped eight additional collaborative albums dating back to 1994. He’s collaborated with the likes of Akon, T-Pain, E-40, Fat Joe, and others, and his immaculate pen game has been used for artists like Jennifer Hudson. We’ve not heard solo Baby Bash material in quite some time, but dude’s got the work ethic and melodies to drop another “Suga Suga” on you naysayers if he wanted to. Or you could just throw “Suga Suga” on again and be taken back to whatever middle school dance you macked on your first shorty at. —khal