The concept of black culture being appropriated and repurposed isn't a new one but, sadly, it's an issue that's still as prevalent as ever. Zimbabwe-born, New York-based rapper Tapz is acutely aware of this and in his impressive new video he gives us his take, which he peppers with humour and charm throughout.

As he explains in more detail below, the track focuses around the use of certain slang terms and how they're taken and misused, as well as how black culture is almost never given the credit it deserves. Accompanying the song, Tapz and his team have crafted a simple yet clever set of 360° visuals that follow the rapper as he rides around town on his pushbike, dishing out his lyrics and considering what he can do to reverse the trend.

Speaking with Complex via email, Tapz told us: "'Juice' compares the exploitation of black culture to orange juice, through a first person account of my own experiences. Playing on the concept of having the 'juice', a phrase popularised by social media, I aim to turn the tables, taking ownership of my individuality, and distancing myself from anyone that denied me of my voice/juice. I've always had the juice, it's just that now people wanna drink from the fountain."