"4am in London City" is the sound and setting for the new video from producer and DJ ROMderful, along with the sweet tones of British R&B crooner Shakka in tandem with Moroccan-American vocalist Dounia for "Run Tings", as the trio bring this album opener to life. Lifted from ROMderful's April debut, Press L To Continue, "Run Tings" is a glistening gem of a record that'll no doubt be stuck in your playlists across the coming summer months. 

Speaking with Complex via email, ROMderful told us: "I wanted the video to feel like all of our personalities mixed into one. Shakka has a very cool and chill vibe; Dounia has a colourful, boss energy, yet delicate-like-flowers vibe; and I have this colourful, weird vibe. We all make super different music yet we managed to come together in a visual that looks like a place for all of us."

Press play above.