Australian singer-songwriter Love Deluxe is back with his first song of the year, the supremely eccentric "Dance Of The Lizard People" via Soothsayer Records. Driven along by a snappy funk rhythm, his vocals are both charming and infectious, with just a hint of playfulness in his tone. Taking that irreverent edge even further are the visuals from director Madeleine Purdy who presents what is essentially a surreal line-dancing session, that culminates in an equally silly shoot-out.

Although Love Deluxe's output is relatively sparse (last year saw the release of just one single), the ambition and care put into each release makes it worth the wait. There's also a sense that he's starting to gather serious momentum. Who knows, maybe this year could bring us an album.

Speaking with Complex via email, he told us: "I love conspiracy theories… Especially ones which seem absurd — I find it fascinating the lengths that people will go to believe in something which seems ridiculous, and how devoted they are to preserving their 'truth'. Yet at the same time I'm glad these people exist because not only is it entertaining but why couldn't it be true, you know? Anyway, it's a little disco number for those people!"

"I wanted the video to be a bit kooky and oddball. The idea was to play on the idea of what is and isn't real. For example, the scene is clearly a "manufactured western", but with characters over-acting. There's stagehands getting in the way intentionally (some dangerously IRL — shout outs to insurance). There's a band playing, but it's obviously miming (which is a cheeky nod at Top Of The Pops). All the good stuff! More than anything else, it's just a strange but fun video that represents the song really well."