Born in Los Angeles but now based in Finsbury Park, North London, rising musician Leo Bhanji is today releasing his debut single, "Heart Of Gold". Weaving together threads of pop, R&B, hip-hop and several other different sounds, "Heart Of Gold" is built around a sparse, smokey instrumental that leaves plenty of space for Leo and fellow 237 member Donalee to trade verses about the flawed concept of perfection. Despite its subtlety, the song is a bold debut and it'll be interesting to see what else Bhanji has up his sleeve this year.

Leo told Complex: "'Heart Of Gold' is loosely written on my part, just a riff on 'perfect' being fake—your shimmering discarded disguise—and Donalee came with a similar vibe of sin and temptation and used the phrase 'desires of the skin', and so we both talked about the layers of a person." Listen exclusively below.

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