Success can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, all your hard work's finally paying off, but on the other hand, the fake friends and bad influences start to come out of the woodwork and it can be hard to spot those wolves in sheep's clothing sometimes. That is something emerging Jamaican artist Jesse Royal and Grammy-nominated reggae star Protoje are no doubt all too aware of. Their new team-up, "LionOrder" (dropping tomorrow, May 3, via Easy Star Records), warns us to beware of the hyenas and to surround ourselves with our true friends who've been there from the beginning. Follow their advice, they say, and there'll be no limits to your success. The cautionary yet inspiring tale plays out over a classic-sounding and ever-so-slightly dubby reggae production from Sean Alaric (Koffee, Toian) and Jason Panton that, coupled with the spirited, Nile Saulter-directed visuals, plunges us right into the heart of Kingston, Jamaica.

Speaking with Complex via email, Jesse told us: "'LionOrder' is a spiritual, sonic, and visual reflection of the confidence exuded by my exuberant generation. A generation that, while acknowledging and honouring the tremendous works of the greats of the past, also fully understands the necessity of taking more steps and ensuring that this integral message that is reggae music connects with the youth of today, as well as serves to inspire the youth of tomorrow."