Keita Juma is celebrating a milestone this year: a decade of creating music, which started with his first release, “The Headphone” back to 2009. While his style may have evolved since then, with each release Juma manages to stick close to his classic hip-hop roots while simultaneously pushing his music forward into experimental realms. 

These sensibilities are ever-present on his latest 10-track project, Young Zen Mode, which released this week. If you have an eclectic ear then you'll appreciate Juma's chameleonic genre-jumping between hip-hop, alternative, electronic and everywhere in between, and his seamless layering of underground rap flows atop futuristic beats.

“I feel like this is the album I’ve been trying (or needing) to make my whole life," Juma says in a statement. "It’s the point where what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it met. Since my first project I’ve been searching for the 'perfect' sound and in that process I was brought to my intuition, I was brought to myself. The irony of searching for something that lives inside of you, something that was passed down through life and vibration. “

Take in "Young Zen Mode" above and stay locked to Keita Juma to see what he does with his next decade in the game. 

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