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Joyner Lucas has built his career on creating thought-provoking music that prompts a social discourse. So when he went after political pundit Tomi Lahren on his latest single "Devil's Work," Lahren took this as an opportunity to create a dialogue between their respective audiences. But, when Lahren reached out to Lucas, Joyner declined her invitation to talk and now he's explaining why.

On Tuesday, Lucas took to his Instagram Stories to speak on his decision to bypass Lahren's proposition.

"I created 'I'm not a racist' so we can have conversations that need to be had and get a level of understanding of each other," Lucas wrote. "But.....speaking to tomi wouldn't be productive because she's already talked to countless rappers about their views and feelings and all she did was shit on them."

"I'm setting myself up for failure if I have that conversation," the rapper continued. "She isn't rational or understanding on any level. Her aim is to make us look crazy on national television. I'm not doing it. sorry not sorry."

Lucas' comments come after he revealed that Lahren messaged him on social media asking to speak following the bars he aimed at her. "I pray you give us back the real ones and try again/Or maybe take them n***as that deserve to die instead/Tomi Lahren run her mouth and then get defensive/Laura Ingraham laughin' at death and disrespectin'/I really feel like you should teach them stupid hoes a lesson," Lucas rapped on "Devil's Work."

As a result, Lahren asked, "Although I don't appreciate you depicting and calling for my death in your latest music video, I would like to sit down and talk with you on or off camera. Maybe we can find some common ground."

While Lahren's advances may have been genuine, as Joyner mentioned she has habitually twisted hip-hop culture to suit her far-right agenda. This is best exemplified by how she reacted to 21 Savage's ICE arrest and her failed meeting of the minds with Charlamagne tha God. That track record makes it easy for Lucas to evade a potential trap in which he might be turned into a token to further Lahren's career.