Like Joyner Lucas' other thought-provoking tracks, the recently released "Devil's Work" video has stirred up a lot of controversy. While he has decided to let the content of the song speak for itself, Lucas fired back at criticism from the pastor of the church where the video was shot.

"Nah, they knew what was going on," Lucas said when TMZ asked about the pastor's comments. "Matter of fact, they got paid."

Last week, Monsignor Francis Scollen of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Worcester, Massachusetts explained that if he knew the direction of the video he would not have allowed Lucas to use the place of worship. Instead, Scollen was surprised to see Lucas cursing and drinking alcohol in the church. 

"It was presented to the people here in a whole different light, that it was about people who died in Main South, and that we have these tragedies, and somehow how does God make sense of it," Scollen explained to the local paper. "Someone described rap music as new poetry. I guess it’s more than that obviously... I don’t know anything about rap music ... I like folk music."

Yet, Lucas insists he explained the video in totality and the pastor was even compensated for allowing them to use the building. Lucas continued this defiant stance when he said he wasn't going to sit down with Tomi Lahren despite her advances. 

"No," Lucas answered bluntly. "I have nothing to say to her." 

Lucas is currently working on a new album titled ADHD.