It's been two years since the Manchester bombing, the tragic event that claimed the lives of 22 individuals, and injured over 100 others. Following the attack on her concert, Ariana Grande, who has been transparent with her journey of dealing with the traumatic experience, maintains her support for the city.

Grande took to her Instagram Story to post a tribute, featuring a single bee emoji with no caption. As the worker bee is a symbol of unity in Manchester, the post emphasizes her willingness to stand with the city of Manchester as it continues its healing process.

Ariana's mother, Joan Grande, also posted a tribute on her Twitter account, saying, "To ALL of you who have suffered and still suffer from tremendous loss, trauma or devastating injury.. I love you, I send you a warm hug, today and forever."

K-pop group Blackpink also paid their respects during their performance in the city last night, changing song lyrics and choreography to avoid triggering anyone's PTSD.

Following the attack, Grande headlined a benefit concert for the victims, which raised over $23 million. She will be making her return to Manchester to headline the Pride Festival on August 26.