Ali Gatie has shared the official music video for "Moonlight," an Adriano-produced record about a lost love.

The video follows the Canadian artist as he endures the ups-and-downs of a romantic relationship. The song's universal themes is further highlighted through shots of various couples who vary in race and sexuality.

"I wrote 'Moonlight' at a time where I was mending my broken heart in hopes it would help me and others around the world navigate through that same pain," Gatie told Complex. "I really wanted a song that spoke to everyone; that’s why with the video I kept the cast diverse. Love has no color, race, ethnicity, or sexuality love is love and if you’ve been in love; this song and video will remind you of that feeling."

You can check out the visual above. 

"Moonlight" was released back in August and has since garnered three million Spotify streams and nearly 15 million YouTube views with a lyrics video.

Gatie first made waves back in early 2017, when he won the online song contest RhymeStars, judged by Joe Budden.