Revered in equal parts for his densely-packed lyricism and terrifying track record in clashes, P Money is also primarily known for doing all that in the realm of grime, but there was a time when the OGz member was shelling down over dubstep beats. When everyone looked towards the charts and made some questionable decisions, P Money doubled down on his underground credentials by hopping on some dubstep riddims.

The Lewisham don's flow has always been fast and furious, packing in more wordplay and slewage into every bar than most can manage in a whole track, but his decision to spray over dubstep opened up some unique opportunities for the emcee. For the most part, the dubstep productions he chose were closer to the harder end of the spectrum, working with producers like True Tiger, Doctor P and Marco Del Horno to create teeth-crunching mid-range and thicker basslines for him to anchor his dizzying flows. 

Nowadays, P mostly sticks to grime, but his dubstep output is worth celebrating. Of course, he wasn't the only mic-man to spray on dubstep beats, but he was the one to perfect it. He also deserves a lot of credit for seeing the perfect window to do so; much earlier and the beats would've been too minimal, too late and they would've been too heavy and too disconnected from their South London roots.

Whether it was hard and fast buzzsaw creations or more minimalist jams, P Money is still the master of spitting over dubstep. Here are 7 tracks to prove it.