Although the seeds for Game’s public banishing from G-Unit were planted months earlier, the moment that ultimately set 50 off took place just days before, when Game told Hot 97 that he was going to do a song with Fif’s rival Nas and explained that he had no intention of getting involved in his beefs with Jadakiss and Fat Joe, among others.

A few days later, on February 28, 2005, 50 showed up to Hot 97, ready to start a war. Accompanied by Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Olivia, 50 kicked Game out of G-Unit live on air, telling Funkmaster Flex that he felt Game was disloyal. Ever the king of pettiness, Fif didn’t hesitate to claim that Interscope was intent on dropping Game until 50 lent his hand to various cuts on The Documentary, even adding that he was making more money off The Documentary than Game was, and that he wrote more choruses than he was credited for.

Seeking retaliation for 50’s comments, Game and his crew arrived at Hot 97 while G-Unit was still on the air. After they were not allowed into the building, Game’s associates got into a shootout outside the radio station, which left one man, Kevin Reed of Compton, CA, injured. Back inside, Flex’s show was audibly interrupted, and his interview with 50 ended abruptly.