Beginning as a professional dancer, ZaeHD went from supporting Future on tour to creating music with his brother CEO. “It’s a different genre, and that's not even on no cocky shit,” CEO tells Genius about their hit, “All In.” “You can go back and see if you can find somebody like us, I'll wait.”

Always in sync, the brothers dance as though they’re tuned to a fraternal metronome. It’s as enjoyable to listen to as it is to watch. Hailing from Little Rock, AR, their breakout song, “All In” gained momentum on TikTok after the proliferation of the Em Em Dance. First uploaded by user @kingk3z, the Em Em Dance incited thousands of copycat videos, which spread to YouTube, and eventually reshaped ZaeHD and CEO’s success. “We ain't even know it was on TikTok,” Zae admits. “Somebody else told us and we were like, ‘Damn!’”

The song's intro, which has soundtracked clips of people discovering Bille Eilish’s age and thirsting over girls (and McDonald's), has become a TikTok staple. Trap is the most popular genre on the app, and these new interpretations of the genre that embrace parody are becoming more popular by the day.

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