Teaming up with TikTok user Andre Swilley (who has over 5 million followers on the app), Australian production duo Cookie Cutters have created songs specifically designed to be mimicked. “We tried to have distinct movements for each lyric,” Adam Friedman, one half of Cookie Cutters, tells Complex. “You Do You” quickly amassed 100,000 likes on a snippet of the song. “Whatever part of the song we put on there really resonated with a TikTok audience,” Friedman explains

Their follow-up, “Accidents,” also inspired a slew of videos, but it was marginally less successful than their debut. The duo has a new plan for success, though. “Andre is heading to the studio this week to record three 15-second songs. Lots of TikTok stars think it sucks now that the general public has started catching up, but there’s a lot you can do in 15 seconds.”