Noname has been having a solid run since releasing last year's Room 25, dropping powerful solo songs and performing numerous sold-out dates. During a recent interview with Julie Adenuga for Beats 1, Noname spoke about her ideal crowd for a show and what it's been like playing in the U.K. She also said she was attending one of Drake's shows in her last day in the country, which led her to directly ask Drizzy if he'd like to collaborate.

"It's my last day, they're dragging me to the Drake concert, so before that, I'm going to try to get some Jamaican or something," she joked. "We were just in Birmingham, and we caught the show there. It's a good show. Can't even stunt on the show. Actually you know what? I don't even want anything from Drake. Drake, he can have it all. He can have it all…Drake if you're listening right now can I please get a feature? I am a struggling artist from Chicago I really need some money Drake. Please help me. Summer Walker is cool, but rock with me. I've been out here since day one, 2010, getting it."

She also spoke about what it was like losing her virginity when she was 25, joking that people came to her two London shows because they "felt bad for me immediately." She added, "She's never had an orgasm. Somebody give her money."

Watch her full interview with Julie Adenuga above.