The on-going ego tripping between Ella Mai and Jacquees came to a head on Tuesday when the songstress sent a shady subliminal Jacquees' way. 

After a video of Jacquees performing his unofficial remix of "Trip" in London's O2 arena started to go viral, Ella Mai took to Twitter to remind people that it's her song he's performing.

"I’d be so embarrassed if someone brung me on stage and the only thing I could sing was someone else's song because nobody knew my actual music," Mai wrote. "Poor thing."

After Dreezy responded to Ella Mai, Tory Lanez has decided to chime in. Lanez—who brought Jacquees out during his set on the Assassination Vacation Tour which he co-headlines with Drake—posted another video from Jacquees' performance to prove that the fans resonated with his other hits. Lanez also went on to say that if it wasn't for the audience craving to hear "Trip," Jacquees wouldn't have performed the song.

"I brought my lil brother out to HIS OWN SHIT... My n***a ain’t even wanna perform the remix," Lanez wrote. "Matter fact he hate performing it ... But I put him on the spot . Cuz I figured we was in London at the O2, 30,000 in the stands and bunch of kids was asking for the REMIX."

Finally, Jacquees stepped into the ring to defend himself. Although it seemed like he was trying to dead the situation by claiming he spoke to DJ Mustard already and wished her "much success," Jacquees added more fuel to the fire by reiterating that all of his singles have sold well.

This is a photo of Jacquees.
Image via Instagram

"Yea and everything gold or plat," Jacquees wrote, captured by Capital XTRA. "B.E.D. AT THE CLUB, OCEAN, YOU, YOUR PEACE NEXT!!!"