Action Bronson is known for bringing a energy to his shows, but unfortunately he cut one of his performances short after he was blinded by a strobe light. Performing at the Algonquin Commons Theater in Ottawa, Canada on Monday (Apr. 15), the Queens rapper can be seen in a video from TMZ shielding his eyes and stumbling back and forth on-stage. 


In an all-caps tweet, Bronson stated, "I was blinded and disoriented from that blast of the strobe light last night, that's why I was unable to finish in Ottawa." Explaining further, he added that he's doing a lot better now after receiving medical attention. "I'm feeling better now thank you. Those things need to never be near me again it was almost really bad. Be careful." 

He later tweeted a thank you to Buffalo, New York, confirming that he was well enough to play his Tuesday show.

Complex reached out to Action Bronson's representatives but did not receive a comment.