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On Wednesday, The Game directed a post at Tomi Lahren that didn't quite make it to 48 hours before it came down. The post was in the same vein as many on the West Coast rapper's feed, which is to say it wasn't really something you could read out loud at work.

"I had to post this picture of you 'Mega Mind' because you limited comments on your post," the caption began. "[L]isten here semen chugger, as long as you have that forehead & that baby giraffe wee wee of a nose, you’ll never win !!! You’re a racist slut who sucked & swallowed her way into her job & position only to misuse your platform & degrade the very culture you you praised so much before your mediocre rise to media fame."

At the time Lahren responded by making allegations of hypocrisy, while also bringing up Game's feud with 50 Cent.

Anyway, fast forward to Friday and the rapper is claiming that someone with the power to ax posts on Instagram did just that to the now MIA image.

"Told you the IG Police would remove my post," he said on his Instagram Story. He also threw up a post once again calling her "racist" while coupling that accusation with some middle finger emojis.

As pointed out by XXL, it's unclear if Lahren contacted Instagram or not.

The feud between the two extremely opposite public figures began when The Game took exception to a joke Lahren made about 21 Savage's ICE arrest. That was about seven weeks ago, and it was reignited over the past few days after the rapper talked about that subject (in relation to Lahren) on the talk show The Real Daytime.