Jonathan Woods, who had been making a name for himself online as rapper Selfmade Kash, has been charged with four counts of wire fraud after boasting about his fraud skills online. As Click On Detroit reports, Woods was gaining attention for his songs in which he boasted about his credit card fraud, with song titles such as "Swipe School," "Swipe God," and "Swiping Thru The Snow." He even had a vlog series on YouTube entitled "SWIPEFILES." 

"Woods claimed to be sophisticated at credit card fraud when, in fact, he is not," the charging document relating this arrest explained. The document in question also claimed that Woods would brag about his fraud skills on Twitter and Instagram, referencing the many pictures he posted showing his stacks of cash and countless credit cards. "He also includes emojis for credit cards and a goat to represent the 'greatest of all time' and hashtags such as #Bins, #Bitcoins, #cvv, #dumpswithpin, #ScamLikely and #swipegoat."

The authorities stated that Woods began making money by teaching others how to commit credit card fraud over the internet, although he apparently fed them false information and implicated himself in four counts of wire fraud for his efforts. 


Woods has also been charged with possession of unauthorized devices made to obtain credit card and debit card information from other people, with authorities pointing to 15 devices in total. He's been charged with one count of aggravated identity theft, too, and has been ordered to forfeit money he scammed from people online.